Where is your Personal Vision pointed?

Strategic Leadership leads to Succession Planning resulting in Achieving more than your Personal Vision

We�ve started successful companies, turned troubled companies around, and run rapidly growing businesses. We bought and sold our own companies long before we did the same for others. Our team has done all the things you do. We know more about owning small and mid- sized businesses and we can show you. Ask us to prove it. We've worked with companies in Finance, Distribution, Manufacturing, Restaurants, Construction and Health Care. We team with those professionals for their expertise- not to sell companies. We are currently retained as advisors to over 100 CEOs and Business Owners in the Carolinas through The Alternative Board®.

We are proud to be your trusted advisor in the realization of your dreams, ambitions, security, and exciting futures.

There is no "cookie-cutter" roadmap that gets owners or their businesses to the next level.

Proven Success can only be spoken about by those who risked truly understanding where they are, articulated where they are headed and have a process that will get them there.

"My experience in working with Pinnacle Insights is like having a 'silent partner' in my business helping me assess situations, not only with myself, but also with my customers, suppliers and my employees. The background, experience and insights have helped direct me to new thinking and more positive results! It amazing to see where we have come from in just 10 years!"

President/Owner - Major Parts Producer & Industrial Distributor, Charlotte NC

"We are a 45 year old company who had been on a slow death spiral due to industry and economic conditions. By using Pinnacle Insights processes, we identified the changes and strategic paths necessary to regain control. Pinnacle Insights brings practical knowledge, best practices, and real world solutions to the complex and intricate challenges we face. The first-hand knowledge of our challenges and brings solutions not always viewable from our vantage point. We're very fortunate they have coached our team."

Brother & 50% Owner - Family Food & Retail Business, Hickory NC

"Business owners are constantly faced with issues such as cash flow, credit lines, working with banks, understanding financial information, personnel issues, and growing your business... just to name a few! Being a TAB member in combination with the awareness generated by Pinnacle Insights has given me the tools and support I needed to take our company from startup to established they way we wanted and prevented me from a lot of mistakes along the way. Using Pinnacle Insights and my fellow TAB board members provide me with information, feedback, and advice that you cannot get anywhere else."

Wife & 50% Owner, Professional Office Services Firm, Charlotte NC

"Pinnacle Insights and their support teams don't mince words, and doesn't try to be your friend just to make you feel good. We hired them to help us, and had been though other less than successful endeavors. They dig deep for the problems, feeds them to you straight, and tries to get you to be honest with yourself so you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and do what you have to do to get back on track in your business.

It is like having a teacher, an instigator and a coach all rolled into one. It was the mirror that we were afraid to look into. AND We Looked! ...not just at what we had become, but at what we could become."

President & Owner - Graphics/Printing Company that has doubled in past two years, Charlotte NC

"My family and friends did not understand. My employees were happy with 'the old way.' I was alone, going no where too fast. I found through seeking Pinnacle Insights & being a part of The Alternative Board the powerful synergism of leaders helping leaders."

Owner - Nation-wide Construction Company, Charlotte NC