Early on at Pinnacle Insights™ we recognized the power of:

Business Owners working with Business Owners

We get it...in the full "lying awake at 2:37AM" sense of business ownership.

The Pinnacle Insights™ team draws on our team of experienced professionals who together represent the experience and insights you need. Our "tested" team shares several key characteristics:

    • A minimum of 10 years as the owner of a business, or as a consultant specializing in owner-managed businesses.
    • A passion and fascination for the process of entrepreneurship.
    • Specific areas of in-depth experience including Strategy, Operations, Sales, Marketing, HR, Law , M&A and Financial Accounting.

We help business owners by using our experience. We've demonstrated success in action, by delivering under pressure, and by bearing personal responsibility for the gains and losses of our own companies. We've started successful companies, turned troubled companies around, and run rapidly growing businesses. Each of our Pinnacle Insights team has done all the things you do:

    • We have manufactured products, controlled inventories, shipped, received, imported and exported.
    • We have hired, fired, motivated, and developed employees.
    • We've managed scores of people to achieve a goal, and we've had to do it all by ourselves.
    • We have merged, acquired, been acquired, financed, restructured, negotiated, contracted, and (when necessary) litigated.

Pinnacle Insights™ Consulting

There is NEVER a wrong time for planning.

Pinnacle Insights™ will lead you through each step of the Pinnacle Performance™ process. You will explore your Personal Vision, and develop the correct Personal Plan for you as the owner and then, therefore, the Business.

Too many owners do it, unconsciously in reverse.

They let the business dictate their personal plans and therefore their personal vision.

This leads to unhappiness and more than 50% of the time - Failure. Imaging what your company could do if each key employee had concrete tasks objectives that supported the company's goals, step by step plans for achieving those objectives, and built in rewards for doing it right the first time.

We address the key functional questions.


Have you ever wondered why your customers buy from you? It is not because you have a good reputation, back up your promises, and come through when you are needed. EVERYONE says that they are competent, trustworthy and dependable. NO ONE says otherwise.


Sales are the business lifeblood. Good salespeople can help you grow by leaps and bounds. Bad ones can put you out of business.


No organization has expertise in all areas of business operations.


Your company is only as good as the people who work in it. You need specific plans for having:

  • Custom recruiting and selection / Functional job descriptions / Pre-hire screening and testing
  • Background, criminal, driving, credit, education and reference checks / Workplace communications training


Pinnacle Insights™ takes you to the next level, whether you need a Balance Sheet 101 course or you�re a "rebounding" banker. Our team has consultants who have worked in banking, investment banking, and stock brokerage and who have taken companies public. We maintain strong relationships with local and national banks and other lenders. We help our clients with:

  • Loan and line of credit applications
  • Financing expansion or acquisitions
  • Buying a company
  • Funding buy/sell agreement